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New Generation of Material Scanners

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We combine tailored optical spectroscopy with machine learned data analysis secured by blockchain-based smart contracts.


Utilising third-party spectral hardware, typically general purpose hyperspectral sensors.

Tailored in-house calibration models featuring state-of-the-art and proprietary machine learning.

Best for professional applications requiring lab-scale precision.


Application-specific hardware operating inverse spectroscopy.

Spectral design and form factor tailored to specific application.

Optimised data processing based on proprietary machine learning.

Best for professional applications requiring flexible and cost-efficient solutions.


Only smartphone operating inverse spectroscopy required, no additional hardware. 

Fixed spectral design linked to display and front camera.

Data processing tailored to smartphone hardware. 

Best for consumer applications requiring easy-to-use solutions.

About Us

We see light differently.

We are passionate about bringing innovative sensor technology and AI-based modelling into industrial applications for the benefit of people, businesses, and society.


Why Choose Us

We proudly serve our business customers with our products and services.

Unique Technology

You are granted various advantages through inverse spectroscopy.

Tailored Solutions

Your task deserves its specific design and spectral configuration.

Easy to Operate

You benefit from intuitive handling and smooth user software.

Simple to Integrate

You define the data processing - local, cloud or blockchain.


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